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This is the personal web site for Brian Creese, one-time editor of pbm zine NMR!, for 12 years proprietor of Video Production company NMR! Productions, ex Molinare, ex The Sound Company, ex BDP productions and now a Research & Development Officer at the NRDC based at the Institute of Education.

Please, do feel free to contact me at any time on and I may be found occasionally on Facebook (though often post pictures there) and to prove my modernity you are invited to follow me on Twitter.


The Blog

Latest thoughts and comments on the world, both personal and wider.

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Medieval History at Birkbeck

The Medieval History content is slowly being transferred to my new site,




Mostly nice pictures with a few words attached








  Eric Todman's Tunisia


  Barbara Hepworth Museum

  Not so much a holiday, but some pictures I took in early 2009 of my favourite museum




  My 4 seconds of fame

  And still my only 4secs of fame


 The Squibb Archive

 The later hobby articles


 Brian's 50th Bash

 Some notorious photographs


 The Jesus Articles

 The articles I wrote about religion and ancient history

 before I studied them.