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I am not really sure why the Brian Creese website has not been updated very regularly recently.  What I have realised is that there are a lot of half-written articles, awaiting formatting, or pictures added or simply uploading (which has to be done of the computer at home which has the requisite uploading software).  So it would seem that with my current state of ‘busy-ness’, the web site is simply not working for me.


I had been thinking of following (belatedly) in Pete Birks’ footsteps and starting a Blog – but researching the options and taking on board some of Pete’s comments, I thought I would simply try a run of very simple web posts, looking a bit like a blog and devoid of images and background; just words on a subject, posted when they are written. While it may be a long way from the halcyon type-it-directly-onto-a-stencil days, it may perhaps be a better way of getting my thoughts into circulation.


Let me know what you think!


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