Brian Photo Montage

Age 0-50 in six pictures




This is me mowing the lawn in Shropshire, aged about 13 I suppose.











Surely everyone has one of these?  This was our leaving party at the end of our time at school.


Alison, Dave Downing, Gordon Smith, Kev Quinn, Me, Rod, Chris Grocott, Russ, Liz & Alison Bogue... Can anyone out there name the rest??






Quite a change as Me, Dave and Cliff buy this nice little motor for 10 each.  We were badly ripped off!









My ultimate hippy picture....








An ILR Awards Ceremony in the early 80s, just to show that I can look smart sometimes.  Flanked by Judy Pully and Jackie Harris







And finally in the 90s, as I pretend to be a film director...








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