Brian Creese

Educational researcher and project manager


Over the past 12 years I have been largely working on projects for the FE Sector, specialising in literacy and numeracy (English and maths). I led the ‘Standards Unit’ projects Improving learning in mathematics ( and Improving practice in foundation learning as well as working on Thinking through mathematics ( Since joining the Institute of Education (now UCL IOE) I have led a series of projects for LSIS and ETF including Motivating adult Skills for Life learners to persist, progress and achieve (LSIS), Specialist LLN Learning Support Practitioner pilots (LLUK), Flexible models of delivery (LSIS) and Heading for Success (BIS). Recently I have been working on projects around the criminal justice sector in particular looking at the information gleaned by the mandatory English and maths assessments for all new prisoners.


As a researcher I have worked with the Ministry of Defence on the Armed Forces Longitudinal Study (, a three year mixed methods research project looking at the impact of low literacy and numeracy skills on the operational impact on the armed services, a BIS study on the impact of poor basic skills on employers ( and an evaluation of the English and maths ‘Distance travelled’ pathfinders (also for BIS).


In the wider education field I have project managed a number of large cross-departmental projects at UCL Institute of Education. The largest was, perhaps the International Instructional systems Study

 for the Center on International Education Benchmarking, based in Washington DC ( This was a comparative study across 11 jurisdictions across the globe, and involved over 50 UCL Institute of Education staff as well as many overseas academics. The final reports were all co-authored between myself and Dr Tina Isaacs. The Development of a learning outcomes framework was a project for the Maltese Government which involved redesigning the Maltese curriculum in over 25 subject areas. This involved around 30 staff and required constant processes for feedback, comment and verification from subject experts in Malta.


Since becoming co-director of the Centre for Education in the Criminal Justice Sector (CECJS), I have produced a number of reports and articles on the basic skills levels of the England prison community ( I have also been working with a private company, Ingeus, in exploring what a new and effective prison education system might look like if based rigorously on research evidence. This project is ongoing. I have also organised the last two CECJS Conferences (


For three years I was the Faculty Director for Consultancy and Knowledge Transfer, have taught regularly on the Post compulsory maths PGCE course and recently been a co-author of the book Training to teach adults mathematics. I have also been a regular ‘Blogger’ on the IOE Blog site (


If you think I may be able to help you with your next project, in any capacity, please do contact me and we can discuss your needs and requirements.





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Please click here to download a list of projects I have worked on while at UCL Institute of Education and links to reports and articles.