Surrey Medieval Studies Forum


Soon after moving to Guildford I took on the role of ‘Meetings’ Secretary’ of the Medieval Studies Forum, which runs under the auspices of Surrey Archaeological Society. Since then I have arranged the following meetings and visits:



Castle & Church Towers

Study Day in Godalming

Pilgrims & Pilgrimage



Moated Sites & Churches in Landscape

Study day at Chichester

Village Life



Surrey Town & Country

Study day at Portsmouth

Belief & Unbelief



England Before the Conquest

Study day at Southwark

Members Meeting



Study day at Winchester

The Medieval Mind



I have also given a series of talks to the forum on my favourite topics:


·         Remembering Aethelthryth

·         Reading & Writing between the Conquest and Reformation

·         Lollard Heretics in Surrey

·         Medieval Sex & Marriage

·         Rules of Clerical Celibacy



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