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We always said we wouldn’t get married, so perhaps we were more surprised than others that on Monday February 16th we found ourselves at Weybridge Registry Office with friends Dave & Gill and David & Judy at the centre of one of the smaller weddings I have been at. Several people have asked us if it was a ‘spur of the moment’ thing. Clearly they haven’t got married recently! We booked the whole thing back in November aiming to fit in with Gill’s school holidays. The first problem was that Guildford Registry Office was being redecorated this week, but by going to Weybridge I was returning to my Surrey roots – my first teaching job was in a school barely 100 yards away. Booking a wedding these days is like an episode of Mr & Mrs – I answer questions about Amanda, she answers questions about me. We then repeated this process immediately before the ceremony, so ensuring we really did know each other! We also had an issue with paperwork when they needed to see not Amanda’s divorce certificate but her wedding certificate – it’s all to do with names, you see.

Our guests were very old friends indeed. In fact Dave was my Best Man first time around – though when I asked him last week, he claimed to remember nothing about it! Judy worked with Amanda many years ago and is probably her oldest friend. Amanda made her own wedding outfit, but to stay true to my hippy youth the dress code for the men (all three of us) was flowery shirts and no tie. We also had some really lovely button holes from a local florist.

Weybridge registry office was actually really nice as were the people. Everyone was fascinated by our rings – wooden ones from Scotland. We also had a comedy moment when Amanda was asked to take me as her lawful wedded wife – clearly Weybridge is doing well with same sex marriages! With only six of us, it was clearly very informal event. Dave had the biggest camera and so became default photographer.

The drizzle had become something of a deluge as we headed down to the village of Chiddingfold and The Swan, an old pub which has been modernised very well. We had a couple of bottles of champagne on arrival and later on a seriously good meal. ( The following morning the sun had arrived and we had a leisurely stroll round the village, a pint in the ancient Crown and headed home.

I am loathed to claim anything is ever perfect, but frankly it is hard to see that anything on the day was other than perfect. It was exactly the day we wanted and we are so grateful to everyone who made it so successful, the staff at the registry office, The Swan and of course the two Davids, Gill and Judy.

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